Introducing " Oscar Bob Bahley " AQHA X Welsh Pony stallion

 " What a find! "  Serendipity once again, as he was  discovered coincidentally by chance, right in my own backyard!  Bahley is a seven year old 13.2 hand AQHA X Welsh Pony stallion. He is a  pale cream Dunalino  with a unique metallic sheen, just like his sire. Bahley's sire is a AQHA  14.2  hand  golden Dunalino.  High percentage Foundation line - bred  King bloodlines direct from King Ranch and many other legendary stallions such as Leo, Bert, Old Sorrel,  Joe Reed, Waggoner and Hollywood Gold.  Bahley's dam was a Welsh Pony section B 13 hands and an unusual blue- eyed creme Dun.  Directly descending from Old World bloodlines,  listing the  " greats " of  Welsh Pony breeding - Pendock, Weston, Downland and Cusop. His grand dam was imported in- utero with Bahley's dam. Unfortunately, though eligible, Bahley was not registered with WPCSA as a Half- Welsh. Due to the accidental and unplanned mating of  which he  was the result of.  His dam was very, very old at the time of his birth, and sadly , was not able to survive the demands of a nursing foal. Bahley became an orphaned foal at 4 months of age.  I was delivering a Crates Western Equitation show saddle I had sold when I discovered him as a completely unhandled 9 month old colt. Observing him at play with the owners dog out in a large pasture, what really caught my attention was his natural cutting instincts and prowess. The quickness and ease of his ability to engage his hindquarters and elevate his forehand all in the blink of an eye!  I was mesmerized how a pony could move like this! Gotta love that Quarter Horse blood for concentration to get the job done with power, precision and determination. Nevertheless,  I will always mourn the loss and lack of registration with WPCSA  and his Welsh Pony heritage gone " unrecognized " by his former owner for the cross bred pony that he truly is. I believe that Bahley is still an ambassador for the breed!  Showing  the phenotype  characteristics of both breeds equally, this phenomenal pony exudes presence, loads of character and a bold, bold disposition to match! He doesn't skip or miss a beat!  Eagerily accepts everything  when asked of him. He is one of the smartest  equines I have ever handled in my 30+ years. He learns everything the first time every time.  He epitomizes my vision of what a X Sportpony should be...displaying a correctly balanced frame with powerful coupling, deep heart girth, well let down hocks, textbook - perfect lower limb angles, true 8+ inch cannon bones, long well placed  " hooky " neck set and of course, those tiny perky pony ears! This is one pony that can do it all!  In addition, Bahley is proving to be an outstanding prolific color producer.  He has sired a total of 6 foals since 2002.  Out of 3 fillies and 3 colts, five have " color " even though  their dam's color ranged from gray to bay and chestnut. These are the colors Bahley has produced :  Red Dun Rabicano,  Dunskin with all the Dun factor markings, one bay or Zebra Dun,  a heavily - dappled deep golden palomino and another pale cream Dunalino! All his foals have the same intelligent, bold and affectionate dispositions with movement to match.  

Introducing " TC Jump-N-Jack " WPCSA sect.B stallion
TC Jump-N-Jack  WPCSA section B, 4 year old stallion, 12.3 hands, smutty dappled Buckskin.  " Kcaj "  ( pronounced Kaj ) is a new addition to Valley Oaks Farm. In keeping with the absolute conviction that our Arabian XSportponies must actually have proven documentable pony blood from recognized pony breeds, we chose the Welsh Pony. Their  proven versatility being the most paramount to our breeding program. We also consider them to be the most beautiful pony breed in the world! Kcaj moves like a roadster, literally flying over the ground with reach and drive. This boy is a trotting machine!!!! He also has a very uphill round balanced canter. With the sweetest, affectionate and kind dispostion, he is just a true joy to be around or work with. Soon to start Drive training for future CDE's. Extended Thanks to his breeder Tide Creek Welsh Ponies.
Introducing " Hutk Heydeon " AHR Arabian stallion
Heydeon is a very masculine 6 year old 14.1 hand smutty dappled bay stallion. His dam, Lady Hawke is one of the foundation mares for Valley Oaks Farm. Her dam line traces back to the legends in  Russian Arabians and she is a daughter of Moment!  Bred by Valhalla, her bloodlines are filled with  aristocrats -  Moment, * Salon and*Statuss, including the best of Crabbet breeding -  Comar Bay Brummel. The sire line is 100% Polish and filled equally with the greats of Polish bloodlines, such as *Fortel, Witraz, * Witez II, and * Czubthan.  Heydeon is  hot blooded and full of blow and snort, yet at the same time, he is always careful, respectful and obediant to handle. He really listens and stays focused.  Just like a desert-bred war horse should be! Tons of presence,  natural self-carriage and incredible substance and bone all in a small package. With his movement and disposition, Dressage will be the discipline chosen for him.

Copyright 2006 Valley Oaks Farm.  Equine Photography by R.O. Williams. All rights reserved. 

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