Searched and searched... and still haven't found what you're looking for ???
For those who believe that treasures can still be found in unexpected places...

Valley Oaks Farm is nestled in the " Red Hills " area near the State Capitol of  Florida and surrounded by Historical Plantations where nature and wildlife abound. It is here that we decided to begin our breeding program to produce Arabian X SportPonies. We have searched extensively across the USA seeking foundation mares that could meet the strict criteria for the A , B , C , D 's  of our breeding program. Our vision is to produce consistently superior cross-bred Ponies competitive for any discipline. This search has led us to the Arabian breed and our mares are of the Spanish , Polish , Crabbet  and Russian bloodgroups. One of our most cherished, that we consider a blessing to have, is our BLUE STAR Arabian mare. The most rare and precious of all the Arabian bloodgroups ... tracing back directly from USA  imports straight from the deserts of Saudi Arabia. This little single mare holds promise of creating a dynasty of Arabian X SportPonies in the future.  Pure serendipity... because I discovered her right in my own backyard! The other is our 94 % CMK mare and another CMK /Tarpan cross mare. All our mares come from well-established racing or proven performance bloodlines. A few of our other mares are AQHA x Crabbet Arabian crosses that we consider equally blessed to have found! All our mares display scope, reach and drive, the key components for true athletic performance. They have deep , smoothly - balanced bodies  with substantial bone  and correct lower limbs. Most important, they have  good working attitudes and are extremely intelligent with kind dispositions. The qualities necessary for a sound and competetive Equine regardless of what discipline are these  -  strong coupling with powerful toplines in a balanced frame, elevated up-hill  forehand , free shoulder  action with noticable reach, active engagement and drive from the hocks, combined with efficient suppleness in all gaits. It is the ability to maintain natural  self - carriage without hinderance, restriction or limitations, in the range of motion of all the gaits, that separates the true Equine athelete from the others. This is also what makes that " scopey " athletic movement required at the International level. Most of our ponies consistently display these characteristics and many are quite simply, Poetry in Motion. These are the standards and criteria of our  " vision "  for the New Generation of Arabian X  SportPonies. We are committed and convinced that by selectively incorporating Arabian blood in this outcrossing for SportPonies , this not only consistently produces hybrid vigor , but oftentimes the offspring display traits superior to either sire or dam! We expect our Arabian X SportPonies to excel in all disciplines intended for horses - Driving, Dressage , Hunter  courses , Western events  or even just plain family fun! So IF you have searched and searched and still  haven't found what you're looking for ... consider an Arabian X SportPony from Valley Oaks Farm.                          

The dream becomes a vision...
Dreams are made of this...

Valley Oaks Farm specalizes in medium and large conformation performance Arabian X SportPonies.

Bred for : 
                         * A  -  Athleticism

                         * B  -  Beauty

                         * C  -  Conformation 

                         * D  -  Disposition 

These are the A, B, C, D's of our breeding program. Each breeding is based on careful selection of broodstock that exhibit the greatest concentration of desirable traits = Phenotype

So that future generations of stock display those traits consistently = Genotype

                Valley Oaks Farm is committed to producing the

                     NEW GENERATION of Arabian X SportPonies

                                            for your consideration...



                                         Valley Oaks Farm

                                                Monticello, Florida

                                                     850- 997 - 1349


Copyright 2006 Valley Oaks Farm.  Equine Photography by R.O. Williams. All rights reserved. 

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